Summer Kickoff

Summer Kickoff

Sid Fogle has been gracious enough to invite the youth ministry to his house for a little start of the summer soiree.

There will be games, tasty homemade corndogs, snacks, and fellowship. Come hang out with us, and celebrate school being out for summer.

Date: June 4th, 2016

Time: 5pm-8pm

Location: Sid’s House, of course

We do ask that you bring with you a side or a dessert.

Can’t wait to see you there!

Summer Calendar

Summer Calendar

Hey all.

Here’s the overview of the summer that was handed out at the parents meeting.


22nd – Worship Band Informational Meeting

25th - Worship Band Practice

28th - Kart Kountry (12:00p-4:00p)


1st - Worship Band Practice

4th - Hangout at Sids house (5:00p-8:00p)

5th - Worship Night

12th - Camp Meeting (After Church on Sunday Morning)

13th-16th - VBS

20th-24th - Middle School Camp

26th - Worship Night


8th-12th - High School Camp

16th - Scavenger Hunt

17th - Worship Night

30th -Holiday World


7th - Worship Night

13th - End of Summer Bonfire

End of Semester Updates

Summer Fun

LOTS (and lots) of stuff going on, so STICK with me through this post.

Senior Adult Game Night

This Friday (May 13th) we will be joining with the senior adults for their game night (be prepared for a lot of Rook). This is one event we are particularly excited about. Our hope is that events like this will be a good opportunity for students to engage with older members of the congregation they might not have an opportunity to otherwise.

Also, for those wishing to come, the seniors have requested that we bring snacks and soda (in individual cans) with us to the event.

Sunday, May 15th

We have two Youth events and a final payment for camp coming up THIS Sunday.


During the 9am service we will be recognizing our graduating seniors.


Immediately after the second service we will be hosting a short parents meeting in the Youth room. During the meeting we will be going over the upcoming summer calendar, and would love to answer any questions you guys might have about camp or upcoming events.

Third - CAMP

Also, as a reminder, final payment on camps are due May 15th, as well.

Worship Team Interest Meeting

Following BFG (that’s what the kids call Sunday School these days) on Sunday, May 22nd, we will be having a Worship Team interest meeting at 12. It shouldn’t take too long, but we want to be able to begin to organize a team for the Summer Youth Worship Nights.

So, students, if you’re interested in serving in this way, please come! Parents, we’d love to have you, too.

Kart Kountry

May 28th we will be going to Kart Kountry!

We will meet up at the church around noon. Departure time will be 12:00pm and we will return around 4pm. Tickets will need to be purchased at Kart Kountry; you can find additional information about pricing here on the website (

We are offering a discount for the first 25 people to sign up: $6 for 2 tickets. Just email Paul or Drew letting us know your coming.

Parents, please come!

We want you to school your kids in racing!

If you have any questions feel free to email us and we will be happy to get back with you.


That’s all, folks.

Contact Drew or myself if you have any questions at and

Thanks so much for you engagement and participation in this ministry.

Kart Kountry Fun

Kart Kountry

Reminder for everyone to mark your calendars for our end of the semester Kart Kountry outing on May 28th.

Departure time from the church is at 12:00pm, and we’ll be getting back to the church around 4:00pm.

Rumor has it that Drew has been visualizing the finish line in preparation for the day so don’t be afraid of a little bumping.

Parents, we would love to have you!

Come hang out and beat your children in various games and races.

New Date for this Month's Split Games

As you’ve hopefully already heard, we are shifting the date of the split games that we had scheduled for Saturday the 23rd of this month to the very next day, Sunday the 24th.

Without realizing it we scheduled our event for the same day as Thunder Over Louisville. We know many of our families enjoy attending this event (as do we) so we want to remove the option of having to choose between spending time together with your family at Thunder and a church event. The last thing that we want to do as a ministry is to come between you and your quality family time.

With that in mind, we have rescheduled the event as has already been mentioned via email and above.

The new date and time is:

Sunday, April 24th, from 1:30 - 4:30 at 9th and O.

The girls will be having a great time indoors making things together, and the guys will be having a great time outdoors shooting each other with slingshots and paintballs.

Hope to see you there!

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Camp Dates

  • Middle School:
    • June 20th — June 24th
  • High School:
    • July 8th — July 12th

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